Want more JOY in your work?

Need moments of genuine connection with your clients?



Fifth Season

A little about me….

Being WA’s only certified Moment Design Teacher is pretty cool! I started my journey into “Beloved” in 2015….. I passed my certification being assessed by its creator Jesh de Rox & have been lucky to be personally mentored by Jesh for the last 2 years. Traveling around Australia & Internationally to learn, grow & teach I LOVE sharing the JOY Moment Design has brought to my life.


What to expect….

I want to spend time with you to explore your potential to bring about a wonderful experience to all the people you will work with.

Covering the theory of Moment Design, discovering its power & then demonstrating in a live session how to implement its principals.

Fifth Season

So how much?

Excellent question my friend! I really want to make this an affordable stepping stone into a wonderful world of discovery!

Your journey begins with a $750 investment.

Secure your seat with a $50 non refundable deposit & payment plan available. It is my deepest hope that this will allow YOU to begin your Moment Design journey.

Fifth Season


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FIRST TWO who register for this workshop will receive an extra bonus!! Trust me…. you don’t want to miss this!

Fifth Season

The details….

When: Sunday 12th May 2019

Time: 9.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Where: Fifth Season Studio, Madora Bay

What: Covering Moment Design theory, self discovery & Live Demo with a family.

Fifth Season

What if I want more?

Moment Design has a way of stirring something amazing within people….. it left me with a desire to keep going, to keep learning & yes to become a teacher!

If your FIRE is ignited then I am offering Mentoring & Certification options for anyone who wants to join my tribe to bring more JOY to the world

Fifth Season


CLICK HERE to secure your place

Remember ONLY the first TWO to register this workshop will receive an extra bonus!! Trust me…. you don’t want to miss this!

I can’t wait to go on this AMAZING journey with you!!