Session Preparation

Leaving the house with a newborn can be a bit daunting…. a lot of the times coming to see us in the studio is the first big outing families will make with their new bundle of joy! So we have made a quick guide to prepare parents on what to expect & help to ensure a smooth & relaxed time creating your art.

It’s important to understand that newborns have their own routine so we have no rules about feeding or sleeping prior to your time with us..... our timeline is determined by YOUR BABY. When hungry we stop for a feed & generally take cues for what & when we can get some work done. Arriving with your little one in something easy to remove and nappy on slightly looser than normal will help reducing disturbing them.

Fifth Season


Our studio is full of props, wraps & accessories….. we have everything we need to create the artwork you have seen. When you arrive in the studio everything will be set and ready to go once your settled in.

During your session help yourself to our coffee bar & please feel free to bring along snacks to allow you to sit back & relax while watching the artistic process.

Most times I will have Amelia, my assistant with me to provide an extra set of hands for ultimate newborn safety…… if an assistant is not available I may ask parents to help me at times during the workflow.

Fifth Season Photography


  • Included in all  Newborn sessions is time to design wonderful memories & moments for your family

  • Depending on the age of the children this may prove to be a challenge but I will use all the tricks up my sleeve.

  • It's important to remember while my best efforts will be made  we won't force them, sometimes its best to move on & try a different approach at a later time.

  • If you have additional children with you on the day please bring an extra person with you to provide supervision for them. 

  • Sibling / Parent images are created first to allow for partners or family to take the children home or to the park to avoid them getting bored during the Newborn posing.

Fifth Season Photography


  • Remember bring a change of clothing just in case of any little accidents when holding a naked baby

  • Be sure to bring a bottle of water for yourself as my studio can get a warm due to needing to  keep baby nice and cosy :)

  • Family / Parent Portraits and not sure what to wear? We recommend the following:

    • Choose a colour theme and compliment with varying shades

    • Avoid logo / branding

    • Make sure your comfortable with the ability to cross your arms.

    • If wearing a dress, longer length helps.

    • Avoid Black….. if darker colours are preferred Grey gives a softer alternative.