Once your little one arrives be sure to let us know! We will confirm your session date based on how you & baby are feeling after birth.  For those gorgeous sleepy poses the best time to photograph newborns is between 4 – 14 days old, after this time babies tend to be more wakeful and it may be harder to pose.

If you have your heart set on the sleepy newborn artwork please be sure to book in early.

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Expect to relax, we will take our time and work to your babies needs. You will have creative input, these are your images I want you to choose your props, blankets, wraps, bonnets and anything else I have in stock to make them images you will love to look at. You & your baby will receive my undivided attention to make this session a happy and memorable experience.

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We encourage you exist in your images!! Included in all  Newborn sessions is time to design wonderful memories & moments for your family

If you have other children and would like to get sibling shots, Newborn Art allows time for this artwork creation. Depending on the age of the children this may prove to be a challenge but I will use all the tricks up my sleeve. It's important to remember while my best efforts will be made  we won't force them into doing something they just don’t want to do. If you have additional children with you on the day please bring an extra person with you to provide supervision for them. 

Newborn Art also allows us time to capture the very special bond you share with your brand new baby through individual parent and whole family images too. Having a " Mummy Makeover " as complimentary bonus means your can look & feel confident in front of the camera.

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For those who wants to really take time out..... rediscover  love,

Embrace connections  &  to really take the time to explore their joy.

Book Newborn Art session & combine to have 50% discount on Maternity Connection

Uniquely designed to bring to the fore front the natural connection & love between couples.

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From 8 weeks of age we no longer offer Newborn sessions

We have Mini Sessions for babies  aged 3 - 11 months

Mini Sessions are  up to 45 minutes in the studio

Working safely we produce milestone artwork to celebrate the uniqueness of each age group.

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