Why Newborn?

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I love newborn babies!!

I wont lie my heart melts every time I get to hold a newborn baby in my arms. I never tire of their beautiful wrinkles, their toes & tiny fingers..... the sounds they make & the look they give me as if to say "lady what do you think you are doing?". I understand how much trust is involved for parents to hand over their precious baby to me. I am a complete stranger handling this amazing person they have created.... for this reason I really wanted to write this blog to share a little bit about me...... why I love what I do so much, why I have chosen to devote myself to this path & what drives me to never give up!!

I was just 16 years old when I had my first son Bohdi.... { he is 19 now & a very handsome young man even if I say so myself } Needless to say at such a young age there was not an over abundance of money but the rent was paid & I had everything that was needed to provide for my baby. All those years ago the good old Bounty Bag was around which most mums will know and love for the little trial packs and vouchers.... one of those vouchers used to be for a free sitting & print for Newborn, 6 months & 12 months at Pixie Photo, then later Portrait Place replaced those. These vouchers provided me with the only "professional" pictures I have of my first, second & third babies.

YES they are very poor quality, YES they are corny but I treasure them because they are all I have..... back then I had a little film camera that occasionally I could afford the film and the cost of processing but my pictures are few and far between. As time went on { I think Coleby my third son was 2 } digital cameras came out..... I saved & saved for weeks to be able to buy a little Kodak Digital Camera.... wow did I take some photos then!! I certainly tried to make up for lost time but you cant go back in time to recapture all those moments lost. It was wasn't until Olivia was born that I could afford to pay for an actual photographer to take pictures for me, luckily for me my school friend / work friend had recently left her job and decided to become a photographer so I asked her to take photos of my little girl. This photographer some of you may now know as a very successful & talented Wedding Photographer ~ Nadine Kemp from Nadine Kemp Photography

It meant the world to me that I was finally able to afford quality images to be able to cherish what I thought was my last baby...... little did I know the turn my life would take and 4 short years later I would be the proud mum to my twin girls Scarlett & Bonnie, by this time Nadine had move to Mackay & I was busy saving for the move to WA to start our new life so the only pictures I have of the twins as newborns are the ones taken on my phone.

Thank goodness I had my phone..... thank goodness I was able to stay in hospital with my twins while they were in the NICU, it was at this time when I had a light bulb moment and as I had the time to sit, think & reflect I realized how much pride I felt looking at the pictures I had taken of my babies. As I took a picture I would look at it and think how can I improve it, what if I tried a different angle, what if I just moved this hand or those fingers. I knew I couldn't afford to pay a professional BUT I had the means to try create special images with what I had........ and so it began..... the spark was ignited

I took photo's of everything when I got home from the hospital with the twins, I posed the other kids.... I photographed the dog...... when we drove from Toowoomba to Geraldton you guessed it, I photographed the crap out of nearly 7000 km  of travel, all on my Samsung Note 2. Once we finally had a home and& I could put all my photos on the laptop my husband said to me " imagine how good those photos would have been if you had a real camera " then some family members commented on my pictures of the kids saying I seemed to have a natural flare for taking pictures and so the seed was planted to accompany my spark.

We were fortunate enough for Rob to get a job working on the mines so before long he spoiled me with a fancy DSL camera, which I had NO IDEA how to use!! One thing I am blessed with is determination, with that camera in my hands I felt a joy I had NEVER felt before. I am a very blessed in my life with 6 gorgeous children, 2 step daughters & a wonderful loving husband, however all my life I had put the needs of others before mine..... its what you do when you become a mother & wife. I always knew my time would come & I would find the thing that I was meant to do when the time was right, I knew in my heart that this camera was the key....

One night while searching for a course to learn how to use this amazing new toy I came across a YouTube video of this woman taking photo's of a newborn baby..... the images she produced blew my mind. Of course I knew of Anne Geddes making babies look so cute as flowers, pumpkins & all sorts of amazing creations BUT this woman was taking photo's of babies that made me pause and say WOW...... I wish I had photo's like that of my babies..... I would have sold my soul right then and there to be able to go back in time to get just one photo of each of my babies like what she was creating. YES she moved me that much!!

I sat with tears in my eyes thinking about all the time passed that I only had the memories in my mind, there was nothing I could do to change it BUT I was now presented with a chance..... a chance to help as many people as I could to NOT have my regrets. A chance to create beautiful memories for people...... In that moment I knew what my path was meant to be, so I set upon this journey you have now came across today. I am proud to say I AM A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, I take pride I telling people I take pictures of babies!!

I get asked a fair bit how do I manage it all.... the kids, the house, the business..... honestly I have had moments where I have looked around my studio and thought I could sell it all, admit defeat and just go back to being a mum. That's when I go back in my memories that I only have in my mind of my babies & it gives me the drive to push on, to never give up in making a difference in as many lives as I can to make sure they have tangible memories to pass down through generations to come...... just like my children will now have even if I was a bit late in starting.

For those who might be wondering who the photographer was that set me on my way...... it was Kelly Brown ~ Little Pieces Photography nearly 2 years after watching her video I got to meet Kelly at a workshop I attended in Perth, it was a dream come true to finally met this amazing woman who changed my life more than she could ever know.

So now you know how my passion was ignited, When a family chooses me to create these precious memories for them it means so much to me, it is an honor to be to share in their joy & love. I love every person I get to take photographs of.... big, small & in between every person is so dear to me. I aim to not just take photographs for you but create beautiful, meaningful memories turned into art to treasure.....

Shan xx