Newborn sessions don't have to be in my studio..... YES I love creating all sorts of wonderful prop set ups with my clients BUT I understand not everyone is into that sort of thing!! The great thing is I just love going to my clients homes to create some beautiful memories for them!! As they say "Home is where the heart is" so it makes sense to be in the comfort of your home with your new little baby....

Fifth Season Photography

Little Sophia was so relaxed.... her mum had some wonderful scents going in the home to keep everyone nice & relaxed. We decided that the best place for light was in the bedroom.... so it was all on the bed to have snuggles, cuddles & tickles! 

Fifth Season Photography Mandurah

Of course when there are brothers & sisters, sibling images are a must.... family pictures too! I really love being a Moment Designer, we get to have fun.... its interactive & creates moments that are real & true!! Funny faces, laughter & crazy kids who want to jump around.... YEP I love it all.... because its free from stress & makes you smile!! 

Fifth Season Photography Mandurah

I think what I love most about these lifestyle sessions is how free I am to keep the camera in my hands and really capture all the candid moments, because I am not wrapping, posing & soothing like I would normally be in my studio sessions it gives me a chance to capture some really beautiful real to life images. Don't get me wrong here.... I LOVE NEWBORN SNUGGLES!! However it is nice to be welcomed in by my clients, to watch & document them in the relaxing comfort of their homes.

Fifth Season Photography Mandurah

You know the best thing about being home..... the kids can go and play!! They are not sitting bored in my studio, they have their toys, their books, their movies..... they can just go & do their thing so Mum & Dad can have a little bit of quiet time with the new baby. 

Fifth Season Photography Mandurah

So if your just not that into the whole

"posed newborn thing"

& want to document this time with your new baby please CONTACT ME for more information.

I would LOVE to come to your home, hang out with you.... relax & enjoy this wonderful time with your new baby!

Shan xx

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