Say hello to Amelia......

Today I would love to take a few minutes of your time to introduce my assistant... don't be fooled by her youthful beauty.... this young lady is wise beyond her years & is fast becoming my right hand lady!! 


Amelia's mum, Linda became a part of our family about 18 months ago now when I needed a Nanny to watch my twins. Daycare wasn't working so thinking outside the box I placed an ad & the universe gave us Linda!! My twins just adore her & with them very well loved I am able to keep doing what brings me joy so its really happy days all round. Amelia started her homeschooling last year & has a very keen interest in photography.... the wheels started turning in my little mind.....

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Amelia has now assisted me with 15 newborns... I say to her if she keeps going longer than me she will beat me one day!! I really can't imagine working without her now, she is my extra set of hands so I don't have to put my camera down, she has watched me work so well she knows my next move before I do. When I am SUPER messy she is there cleaning up my mess..... and yes she even helps me when I get covered in all the toilet accidents!! She laughs along with me without even a blink of an eye and whisks away the dirty props to the laundry for me. 

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The great part for Amelia is she has assisted me with babies aged between just 3 days with their little umbilical clip still on all the way up to an 8 week old, so she understand the difference with the ages of babies. Amelia knows all my little tricks now and always knows where she needs to be in order to flow through our sessions. Having her in the studio has cut down a session average time of 3 hours to on average 2 hours while being able to achieve much more in that time!

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Her love of photography also helps, she is understanding how I am working with light.... she knows when I need extra help reflecting light and she is really awesome at finding just the right colours & textures when we have to make a quick Plan B set up....... all this being said......

THE BEST THING...... with Amelia in the studio at no time do I have to worry about baby being unattended. Baby safety is first and foremost in our minds. Working with newborns while of course its exceptionally fun, its also very important to look after these precious little people! 

I am so very blessed to have this amazing young lady by my side in the studio! The future is bright for this wonderful talented girl & I hope you all get a chance to meet her!!

Shan xx

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