Rachel's Maternity Connection Session

This family...... my goodness I honestly don't think I have laughed so much during a session!! It was windy and cold but to look at the bright smiles & laughter you really wouldn't know..... When I first met Rachel she was so warm and a wonderful person to be around, I just knew that our time together for this special connection session to celebrate the coming arrival of their new little girl was going to be special.


Being a Moment Designer really just allows me so much freedom to explore & enjoy every session I am privileged to shoot..... I think most people when they consider Maternity Photo's are really put off the with idea of having to be all stiff & posed into awkward positions.... I know it scared the daylights out of me! I think because while I greatly admire women & photographers who totally rock out the maternity goddess style sessions for me I was never confident enough to do it so I can relate to those women who are scared by them too. So as you can see Maternity for me is all about connection with family / partner being very natural and letting love shine through!


Of course no session is complete without a little bit of "parents" just being two people in LOVE!! I have no idea what these two were whispering to each other BUT the expressions and yes laughter really made for some wonderful images.... So there you have it.... my style of Maternity.... super CONNECTED & very RELAXED...... always over way to soon but really I can't help that time flies when your having fun!! I can't wait to meet this little girl when she arrives..... in fact I get a WHOLE YEAR with this amazing family!! So blessed & really excited to capture this special time in their lives


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