Want beautiful portraits? Think You Can Afford It?


I have good news for you,

I offer payment plans!

We have 8 children...... yes EIGHT so I totally understand what it is to live on a budget, our kids also understand that while they might not get everything they want, they always have what they need. My husband works hard everyday so we can have our home & pay our bills, when I fell pregnant with the twins I gave up my job and decided that when I did go back to work I wanted to do something that I loved doing. Of course I enjoyed working in hospitality but it has always been my end goal to have my own business & relieve the burden on my husband in providing for our family.

The stars aligned, my dream came true..... through a lot of hard work & determination, which will never end because this industry requires a never ending supply of both!! The one thing that I have wanted to achieve is to be able to provide as many people as I can with beautiful lasting memories. Newborns grow up way too fast & having the regrets of my own failure in capturing lasting memories of my own babies I knew I needed to offer a Payment Plan option for all my clients. { to read more on why I chose newborn photography please click here }

As the saying goes " slow & steady wins the race " this is so true when it comes to money, especially when you are paying things off. I love prepaying everything.... all my bills I have set up as direct deposits most of them are just little amounts every week then before I know it all the bills are paid and because I never had the money in my hand I never knew it was gone!! { Seriously give it a go, the feeling of NOT getting a bill in the mail is amazing!! }

Fifth Season Photography, Mandurah, Perth, Western Australia, Newborn, Children, Family, Portraits, Photography

With this in mind we have a

Payment Plan Option

All Fifth Season Photography clients can choose to take advantage of our Payment Plan option with no hidden fees and charges attached..... its really very easy..... at your Reveal & Ordering Session after we have worked out what will best suit your family & home for displaying your gorgeous artwork we will set up a Payment Plan for you.


Minimum Direct Debit Payments of $50 per Fortnight


For as little as $25 a week you can have beautiful, professional, ONE OF A KIND ARTWORK..... created for you from Fifth Season Photography!! Once your collection is paid for in full your print products are ordered.

PLUS don't worry every client will have full access to their Online Gallery to be able to share there enhanced web files & videos

We believe EVERYONE deserves beautiful photos,  there are NO extra fees for taking a payment plan option & NO minimum spend.

From my smallest collection through to the biggest its up to you!! Its really that easy.....

Please contact me today for further information or gain access to the INVESTSTMENT SECTION

Shan Xx

Fifth Season Photography, Mandurah, Perth, Western Australia, Newborn, Children, Family, Portraits, Photography
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