Newborns in Nature

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Creating beautiful images of newborns in nature has been something that I have wanted to do since I decided to take the plunge into the wonderful world of newborn photography...... its definitely been a long term goal for me and one that I hope my clients will love!

I just adore Landscape Photography..... I certainly do not claim to be super fantastic at it BUT I do give is a red hot go!! Our family will go on adventures travelling to beautiful places just so I can get the camera out to make this creative side of my brain happy lol I knew photographing newborns in the great outdoors would present a whole different set of challenges so first I wanted to be confident in working & posing newborns. In the last 18 months I have photographed A LOT of babies in an effort to find my style & flow. I have been learning with every session what works for me and more importantly what doesn't, constantly evolving my approach to always put the safety of these preciousbabies above everything else. The other month I realised I was ready, I had enough confidence in myself as an artist to start to bring my two loves together for my clients.

With two sessions into shooting newborns outdoors I really wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you all..... being outdoors I feel alive, the fresh air & sunshine oh its so good for the soul BUT if the weather isn't nice it certainly makes for an uncertain session. The other reality of being outdoors is bugs & insects, I don't have a bug phobia at all and have a fascination for these amazing creatures however when THEY take a fascination to the newborns I am working with we have an issue lol.

So not only am I worried about what the weather is doing & creepy crawlies..... the comfort of my clients is so important to me. Yesterday's little girl decided that she was just starving.... as I looked around there was no where comfortable for mum to be able to sit and feed her baby. I instantly felt so helpless, if I was in my studio there is a nice big couch for my clients to be able to relax & feed. I pride myself of providing a memorable experience to all my clients, opening my heart & home for them to relax, unwind & create happy memories...... it took this situation for me to realise just HOW much it truly ment to me.

Some of you may know I am a moment design photographer, when I take parent / family images its not in a posed way..... meaning I don't ask my clients to sit perfectly & smile at the camera. I use techniques that create meaningful connections & moments, so working outdoors is normally what I would do for these types of sessions..... with my newborn clients I have a bedroom set up to be able to relax, snuggle and enjoy their new little person. So as you can see working outdoors with a newborn in this particular way isn't too far out of my comfort zone as I am not "posing" the baby into props I am just capturing natural moments....... I will come back to this as this is an important part of my new strategy!!

So as you can see from my thought process...... I am conflicted!! I so desperately want to give my clients to beauty of nature BUT the safety, comfort & overall experience my clients come away with are so vitally important to me......... WHAT TO DO?? Give up on Newborns in Nature???? NO failure is not an option for me...... threes words { ADAPT, IMPROVISE & OVERCOME }

How can I a bring everything I want to give to my clients together...... comfortable, warm studio environment where I can improvise when needed & get a wide range of images as I have ALL my props within reach while still having the option to embrace the beauty of nature....... Digital Backdrops.... I am on a mission to create my very own range of digital backdrops to be able to offer to my clients...... while I had a spare minute yesterday I quickly took this image to see if it was something I could do!

Maternity, Birth, Newborns, Nature, Babies, Toddlers, Chlidren, Families, Photography,Photographer, Perth, Mandurah, Western Australia

Still not sure what I mean? Basically I will be travelling around finding gorgeous locations, taking my props and creating the perfect set up...... from this I will then take photographs of newborns in my studio to be able to layer & merge the two images together to create a final image. Clients will be able to have their Newborns in Nature without the added stress of taking their precious little baby into the elements. While I do understand & have the upmost respect for those photographers who do actually work with newborns outdoors for  their whole session for me...... its just not a good fit.

I am so excited, the possibilities are endless..... rain hail or shine I know my newborn sessions will still go ahead! I know my clients will be warm, comfortable & bug free. If we have a baby who needs extra snuggles, feeding or a complete change in set ups/ props in order to get a gallery FULL ofgorgeous images I can still do that. . ...PLUS at the end of the studio shoot we can still head outdoors for the family pictures as we have a park just up the road!!

Most importantly for me I know that every baby is completely safe...... if a client wants an image of a waterfall & their baby in a cute prop I can make that happen without even going anywhere near a waterfall with a babe, as an artist this is a challenge for me, I am looking forward to pushing my limits of creativity! Having worked with composite images I can tell you its not taking the easy way out...... with planning & attention to detail however it is worth the extra effort!!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this today..... I would love to hear your thoughts on this, throw some suggestions at me for locations / styles you would like to see me create...... this is all for you MY clients so please help me to create YOUR ideal images!!

Shan xx