Sarah, Jason & Lleyton.....

An afternoon enjoying the sun & laughter...... Dawesville Western Australia

Quiet often I will get asked "do you do maternity sessions" YES!! I do offer them & I do love doing them......

However I do them a little bit differently to how a lot of other photographers tend to photograph maternity.....

Of course I had to be different!!!


I am a Moment Designer..... I am not ashamed to admit I am addicted to JOY & CONNECTION!! So while I greatly admire those who can produce the AMAZING pregnant goddess images, for me to create these does nothing to fill my heart with pride & joy..... The great thing is I can admit this, I have certainly tried just about every type & style of maternity image so I know with all certainty what is just not for me! 


This knowledge has allowed me to explore the style I DO LOVE!! So the great news is....

I LOVE offering Maternity sessions as either a Family Mini Session or a Couples Connection session


What I love to create for my beautiful pregnant mumma’s is a special time to spend with their partner… to take a short break from the craziness of life & getting ready for a baby to come to really connect with each other, to laugh & have fun… to appreciate each other and the amazing life you have created. These sessions are super quick but the love & joy experienced is something I just love to give.

As you can see with Sarah & her family its all about them just being them! We hang out.... play some games.... kick back and relax in the wonderful afternoon sunshine!! My aim is to really create memories & moments.... to document without overly "posing" anyone & really just provide a space for love to naturally blossom.


Maternity sessions are shot on location in the late Sunday afternoons, the best time to hold these sessions is between 32 - 37 weeks of your pregnancy. Both The "Joy & Love Collections" include a complimentary Maternity Couples Connection Session, of course you don't have to take this gift however speaking as a mother who never took the opportunity to have my own pregnancy’s documented I cant express enough how much I wish I could turn back time…. yes we are huge & feel fat!! But when its over its over & we don't get another chance to exist in beautiful images to share with our future generations.

Does this seem like the perfect sort of Maternity Session for you?

Have I totally changed your perception on what a maternity session has to be like?


Thanks for reading & until next time stay happy!!

Shan x

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