Maternity Connection Session - Jayde

Maternity photo's...... pregnant mum's see those two words together & most of the time want to run for the hills!! I know I did...... yes I am all too  guilty of not understanding how important having this amazing time in my life documented would mean to me until AFTER it was too late to ever do it.

Would you believe me if I told you having your photograph taken could be fun? That it could be over before you know it & you might actually enjoy yourself..... I bet your all saying to yourself this lady is crazy! Crazy I might be but what I do know is over & over again my clients all tell me  having their portraits taken wasn't anywhere near as painful as what they thought it would be!!

This session may have started out a little bit tougher than normal..... poor little Boyd was tired, cranky & totally giving me the evil eyes { its ok though I never take it personally } We soldiered on as you will see the tides turned in the end.....


One of the things I love the most about being Moment Designer is creating a space for people to relax & have fun!! When I ask totally random questions to my clients I have to admit their reactions really make me laugh...... especially when Jake said to me " what has that got to do with taking photos?" My answer ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... but it did the job!! It made them laugh.... it made the moment not so serious all of a sudden & thats the sheer beauty of what I love to do.


When all was said & done Boyd surprised us all...... all of a sudden he was into explorer mode & with that so was I!! Playing games, running & laughing.... thats what shoots like this are all about! Being able to look back at these memories.... remembering the sound of laughter, the feel of the sand on your feet.... the breeze in your hair & the love of your family as you eagerly await the arrival of the new little person into your life..... 

That is what my Maternity Connection Sessions are all about!!

If your expecting a new little family member all Newborn Portraits booked before 32 weeks into your pregnancy come with a complimentary Maternity Mini..... be sure to contact me I would love to meet your family xxx

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