Mandurah Newborn Studio ~ A month in review Jan 2016

Newborns, Babies, Photography, Perth, Mandurah, Western Australia

January ~ An amazing start to the year of Newborn Photography in Mandurah, WA

It was hard to believe we were even entering 2016 and now its flying by.... but I guess the saying is time flies when your having fun!!! So what's been going on in Mandurah? Well its been busy in the studio meeting lots of new people & adorable little newborns, older babies & children..... I was lucky enough to photograph a birth on the second day of the year.... which is just totally awesome!!

On a personal level we managed to sneak in a quick little 4 day trip of exploring with the kids starting off our journey from Mandurah our first nights was to stay at Hyden to check out the amazing Wave Rock { plus lots of other cool places along the way } then onto the stunning Bremer Bay..... truly breathtaking...... then on our last night we stopped in at Walpole to visit the Giant Tingle trees plus so so so much more..... be sure to tune in over on the 365 Days of Crazy blog  to keep up to date with our life that I am so excited to share with you all.

To finish off this month I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop in Perth with the amazing Kelly Brown, it was 2 full on days shared with so many wonderful & talented photographers. Travelling up from Mandurah each morning it was the quickest trip into Perth I think I have ever made lol I think I was so excited / nervous/ inspired each day!! My husband was so amazing looking after the kids for me so I could emmerse myself into the experience without having to worry about what was going on at home.

I learnt so much!!! I cant wait to start introducing new idea & concepts into my sessions...... I am armed with so much more knowledge now, this year IS going to be beyond the amazing that I knew in my heart it would be!! The above image was taken by ME at the workshop.... we had 4 adorable little newborns into the studio to model for us to be able to learn new techniques, safety and shooting tips :) This is a pose I have struggled with in perfecting but now I have seen it done by the best of the best, I cant wait to offer this pose with every session.

Shan xx