Life as an Artform

Koh Samui, Thailand..... September 2016

How do I even begin to put into words the amazing experience of the Life as an Artform Retreat?? Even now sitting back just a few weeks from returning home from our adventure when I close my eyes I am taken back to the wonderful balmy nights, the beautiful people & the food..... my goodness you haven't eaten amazing food till you eat in Thailand!! Although I do have to be honest..... if your a coffee freak like me your time in Samui will be a good detox for you lol

To tell this story properly I do have to digress a little so forgive me..... when I returned home from the Possible Workshop in Melbourne with Jesh De Rox, Gabe McClintock & Ed Peers I was walking on air...... I had taken a massive leap, shut off the negative voices in my head and threw myself into be assessed to become a Certified Moment Design Photographer! The kicker was I was being assessed by Jesh himself.... no pressure right?? He is only the creator of Moment Design!! Good news is I passed...... so with this confidence & the knowledge that attendees of Possible would receive a discount to the Thailand Retreat I went home to talk to Rob about going, his answer YES...... but we go as a family.

The goal was set...... 4 kids & 2 adults, 2 weeks in Samui with 4 days for mum to attend her work retreat. Some people would think to be an impossible goal but our focus was set, we were going & NOTHING was going to stop this dream from coming true! Yes it took a lot of long days working very hard but it was worth every second.

When the time came & my wonderful taxi driver Kuhn Narong dropped me at Baan Hinta for the first day of Life as an Artform, I honestly had no idea what to expect..... walking up the driveway my mind was pretty blank I wasn't worried or running a negative internal dialog but instead I was open to meeting all these people who were inside, I was excited for what ever was to come. This alone made me realize how far I had come in my own personal journey...... there is no way 6 months before hand I would have had this mind set!!

What an amazing, diverse & wonderful group of people.... I am so blessed to have been able to share this time with them!! What I love most about workshops of any type is meeting & making friends with people you probably would never have met. Each morning I was very lucky to have Khun Narong come and collect me at 7 am so I could do Yoga with @yaellesry { & those who were willing to rise and shine so early } Soooooo amazing learning yoga looking out to the ocean in Thailand..... I mean really!! Does life get any better than that?? Breakfast surrounded by friends all getting to know each other, sharing little bits about themselves, their lives & their dreams...... with full bellies we were all ready to begin each day with Jesh!!

Before going to this retreat I was aware of how far I had come personally, after completing the steps of my Moment Design journey to that point my life had changed dramatically...... Little did I know just how much more my mind would be blown open, how much more my limits would be tested & how much I would be shown that while I had come a long way...... there was so much more room for me to grow, more boundaries & barriers I needed to break down.

Unlike a lot of the other members of the group I went into our time with Jesh having a little bit more background information on the terms & concepts he was sharing.... what was interesting for me was to sit & observe the different reactions..... to read the body language & facial expressions. What I saw at times made me aware of what my response was at one time time, so I could relate to the feelings around me & understand why the reactions were there. This also helped me to reinforce in my own mind to really believe in my explorer, to trust my creative mind & keep doing what feels right in my heart.

Some of the exercises we participated in I had done before.... the first time I had tried to do them was when I was still very much living my life in Editor mode. My mind was closed & my heart even more so...... this time around I was willing to be an open book, YES I still had that nasty editor pop up but my Explorer was there saying its OK..... we don't need you now..... let go. In these moments amazing connections happened..... the last exercise of the last day I was so privileged to share a moment with a beautiful soul. I truly learnt what it was to create a space for another human, to allow them to be open to me & what we shared in that time will be something I will take with me forever. Thank you @nanaghana for trusting in me, much love to you xx

What would I say to anyone thinking about attending Life as an Artform retreat?

Ummmmm firstly YES DO IT!! Then I would also offer a little bit of advice..... I would suggest if you can; make the most of the trip. Our family took two weeks to really explore & appreciate Samui, we learnt the language, made friends & embraced the wonderful lifestyle. While I know the next retreat will be somewhere else in the world my advice will be the same..... allow yourself to really experience where you are, open your heart & mind!!

Amazing things happen when you trust yourself, follow your heart & really do what makes you feel good!! I loved it when Jesh said...... its supposed to be FUN!! I could not agree more..... why spend your life not having fun, why keep doing the same things & getting the same results if they are not making you happy?

We have just one life { well as a human anyway depending on your beliefs } if I can impart one value to my kids it will be to be FREE...... Free your mind, free your heart....... these things will create Joy.... it will enable you to explore & truly live life to fullest!!

If Jesh is right and its supposed to be FUN then what are you waiting for..... I know I will attend the Life as an Artform Retreat again....... Bi-Annually at least..... I certainly hope I get to meet you there!!

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