Why hire a Newborn Photographer?

Everyone has a camera these days......

Whether its your handy iPhone or the DSLR you got one christmas but still have yet to figure out how to work properly, the ability to take photographs for yourself has grown dramatically.....      So why on earth do you need me?

Chances are by the time your baby is a few days old they have been bombarded with amateur photographers. With many photos being taken by so many people you might wonder why in the world would you even need to spend the time and money to hire a professional photographer. The simple answer is that photography is an art form & professional photographers are artists with skill. While its true that anyone can take a snap shot please don't leave this very important assignment up to a grandparent or sleep deprived dad. A professionals unique artistic vision can make a difference between a cute picture and a breath taking heirloom.


All its all well & good to write the reasons but sometimes we just need to see exactly what we are paying people for.... right?  So lets take the above image as an example of what a professional { like myself lol } can do for you!! 

How many times have you tried to get JUST ONE nice picture of your kids together.... just that 1 picture to give you all the warm & fuzzy feels to see your babies snuggles up looking adorable. However by the time you are finished trying to do this with your kids there are no warm & fuzzy feelings going on.... nor are there any pictures you want to frame for the wall!!

GUESS WHAT..... even when I am taking pictures for my clients very rarely will I get it perfect in just one image..... yep sorry to let the cat out of the bag on this one...... most of the time I have to composite!


The above 3 images are taken SOOC { straight out of camera } there were things from each of them that I wanted to use to create a finished piece of art for my client. { Very Top Image }

So yes I am sure you have a camera & yes I am also sure your family & friends will all take a million photographs for you BUT I ask you..... Can you do what I have done here with 3 not so perfect images to create a beautiful heirloom piece of art to hang proudly in you home? This service is all part of hiring me as your professional photographer..... I get square eyes sometimes from looking at my screens for hours on end BUT  wouldn't change it for the world!! 

I love my job & I love creating images for my clients that they never dreamed possible, be sure to CONTACT ME today to start your Fifth Season Experience 

Shan x




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