OK Shan.... how are you different? I bet you are thinking this about now... am I right!!

When someone contacts me be it email, Facebook, Instagram, text or even a phone call...... I will now ALWAYS offer the invitation to MEET ME BEFORE YOUR SESSION...... I want to meet you, I want to sit with you face to face to answer your questions. If your booking me for newborn sessions I want to SHOW you my studio...... I want you to have the opportunity to not only ask me any question you might have but most importantly I want YOU to know before hiring me that you actually like me!

For this reason I set aside every Monday to welcome people into my home who are thinking of asking me to share in their life & create artwork for them. Of course I understand not everyone can make it to the studio...... I am also happy to Skype with anyone who can't make it.... we can virtual tour & still chat face to face..... YES I truely value YOU that much!! 

Going back to the old Pixie experiences that I was telling you about in PART 1.... I don't ever want my clients to feel like there is that disconnect between us. Taking this extra time to meet you before you even book with me could be seen as a waste of time to some, thats fine & I am certainly not judging anyone who doesn't offer this in their business structure we all have to do what works for us! For me this is what feels right in my heart..... 

When your all booked in I am here for you..... if you think of something random that you want to check with me..... ASK!! If you want to screen shot me pictures of clothing your tossing up between.... go for it!! If you need me to be the deciding vote on a name for your baby, I would gladly help!! If your having a bad day, totally over being pregnant and need someone who really understands guess what I have carried 6 people in my body..... I am happy to listen to your woes xx

I am not just your photographer.....

I am your friend!

This is honestly how I see myself

By the time your session comes around, we know each other so we can skip the whole awkward just meeting each other for the first time vibe!  We can just get right into hanging out, having fun and creating the beautiful memories that you have entrusted to me to create for you. Ideally  every couple who hire me as their newborn photographer will allow me the privilege of capturing the special time before baby comes with a quick Couples Connection Session.... then when baby comes we see each other again.... BUT I really don't want it to end there..... I want to watch this amazing little person grow over their first year with mini sessions at 4, 8 & 12 months of age....... The joy in my heart really doesn't translate into words when this happens.... my heart is happy to share this precious time with my clients.

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When all the photo shoots are done your not left all on your own!! NO WAY..... Guess what..... I AM STILL HERE FOR YOU!! We get together again & work out exactly what you want, what you need & the best way to proudly present your art in your home. Remember I made a vow to myself that EVERY person will have actual photographs to hold in their hands, hang on their walls & share with loved ones to cherish and pass down through the generations. So even when the camera is down my job is not finished until you have these tangible memories in your hands! 

I understand this might be just all to weird for some people..... thats cool, I take no offence & wish you well in finding the right photographer for you. HOWEVER..... if you want a photographer who will LOVE you.... { not in a creepy stalker way i promise haha } but seriously I just love my clients, I am pretty sure you could ask any of them and they would tell you if they need me I am there & if I promise something I deliver. When you welcome me into your life be it for 1 session or 10 I give you all I have to give & do everything in my power to make sure you have memories you LOVE & even more importantly an EXPERIENCE that is worth the trust you invest in me.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have made it this far then I would like to think I am offering you something that makes you think

"wow I like this lady"


Lets meet, chat & start building this new wonderful friendship!

Shan xx