I need to tell you this....

I like to do things differently....

I listen to my heart to know what feels right!

In the beginning....

When I first started taking portraits for people all I knew was that when I had a camera in my hands I had on overwhelming feeling of content. I wanted to create something beautiful for people but I wasn't sure if I had the "right stuff" to do it..... everyone with a camera is a photographer lol I wanted to push myself to break through the barriers of just being a mum with a camera & really be GOOD at what I created.

After lots of study and hands on learning , I still didn't know how to " Get There " 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing....

My problem........ I was basing the experience I gave my clients on

the experiences in my life with photographers!!

I am sure you can all relate to the horror that is family photos as a kid. When your mum made you all dress in horrible clothes that earn the stern.... "don't you dare get dirty", Having to stand on silly boxes and fake smile with your siblings for like an hour to get everyone with their eyes open....... it just makes me laugh now but as a kid man, it was painful! So when I had my babies my first thought was well Mum used Pixie photo & I have this voucher so thats what I will do to...... absolutely no interaction prior to my appointment, being shoved into a dark room with a stranger who just took over and you did as you were told.... then out you go don't let the door hit you on the way out & come back in 3 weeks to pick your pictures.

Of course I have to go there.... totally embarrass myself { and family } Here are some of the above mentioned offending photos lol... Big thank you to my Mum for taking some iPhone snaps for me today...... don't get me wrong the value of these photos is immeasurable to our family. These are tangible memories that we all have forever.... but just think if the experience behind getting them was matched in its value how much more amazing would they be!

Over the years, as I had more money to afford to pay for a photographer & didn't have to rely on vouchers of course I was able to have a better photography experience. By this time however it was the "normal" trend to get your photos taken and then you got your images on a disk, then later on a USB.... I would like to point out that the few Cd's of photos that I purchased guess how many of those images I ACTUALLY PRINTED???? You got it.... NONE! Unfortunately the one time I actually purchased prints.... they were not framed so I had to take the extra step myself to have them on the wall..... do you think I did.... I am ashamed to say I did not, they are still in a plastic box waiting to be framed 6 years on!

With those experiences behind me I found it hard to break the mould, I found it hard to know what to give people because this is what I had in my memory bank of what it was like to work with photographers. So of course when I started out I was a photographer who took pictures & put them onto a USB for you to do with as you please, I didn't meet you before I shoved a camera in your face & I certainly didn't expect to see you again any time soon...... this made me sad to be honest! 

Around the time I realised what I was doing was only half filling my heart my husband also said something to me that stopped me in my tracks...... A client had just come to the house to collect her USB Drive and Rob asked me why she came so I told him.... he looked at me and said " Are you a photographer? " ummmmm yes was my answer lol He then said to me " then why are people not getting pictures from you..... I mean REAL pictures that they can HOLD in their hands & put on their walls?" I didn't have a valid answer to this, I didn't have a valid reason for not giving this to my clients and from that day forward I vowed that every person who I took photos for would have ACTUAL pictures. 

This was the beginning of BIG changes, a chip in the mould had been made & barriers I had built for myself started to crumble. With that one change of mindset to really value what I was really GIVING my clients, my world shifted into now thinking about how to make the WHOLE experience with me different, valuable & enjoyable from the very first point of contact to the actual photo session & beyond. It has been a massive evolution, trail & error, learning, improvements based on feedback and as I said really listening to my heart BUT I am so proud of what I offer my clients today.

So all this to come back to my first sentence ~ I like to do things differently!!

Now this is not to say I am the only one doing what I do...

I am sure other photographers do similar

honestly... I tend to focus on whats right for me & not what anyone else might be doing


You have stuck with me this far!! Your amazing and to give you another giggle for sticking with the story I will share some more family snaps with you! Because this blog has grown much more than I thought it would I am going to ask you to ask stay tuned for PART 2!!

Trust me you won't be disappointed..... PART 2 will totally explain all the rambling I promise!! 

PS..... YES that is me here in the bottom left with my two brothers & my first little boy Bohdi.... see  I told you I became a Pixie Photo victim with my own babies lol!!


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