Friday Feel Good Promotions

one moment can change a day,

one day can change a life

one life can change the world

~ Gautama Buddha

Fifth Season Photography

When I had my first son I was just 16...... I had finished up working at KFC which most of the time to get to work I walked an hour to work & an hour home after an 8 hour shift, as by the time I paid my rent & food bills there wasn't enough money for me to catch a bus to work. Back then KFC did breakfast shifts so I will be forever grateful to my best friend for coming to pick me up at 6 am in the mornings to run me to work before he had to get ready for school!!

When Bohdi was born I had everything he needed & I had a precious little baby who was now my whole world. I didn't have a tv or even a washing machine.... I can still remember hand washing all his cloth nappies & clothes for the first few weeks of his life until l was given a 20 year old twin tub washing machine. 

The idea of having professional photographs taken like the ones I take now.... well it was just purely unfathomable when all I had was enough money to pay the rent each week & enough left over to cover the very basics of life. The best I could do was redeem the bounty voucher that came from the hospital.... 1 free photograph that I didn't choose... but boy do I treasure it. 


Of course I wasn't in the cave man era back then.... I had a kodak film camera that when I could afford it I would buy film. 24 pictures to really take the best I could and develop when I could get the shopping items on sale to have enough left over to develop the film.... most of them blurry & out of focus but in my heart I can see them perfectly in focus because I relive those moments every time I look at them..... 20 years on I can still remember my precious baby boy even if the pictures are blurred. 

THIS IS MY DRIVING FORCE.... this is why when I saw a photograph taken by Kelly Brown my whole world turned upside down. Until that moment in my mind baby photographs were Anne Geddes... then I saw a portrait created by Kelly & I knew that I would sell my soul to have artwork like that of my babies, that I NEEDED to create artwork like that for people so they didn't have the regrets that I did.


What does this have to do with anything?....

You might be asking this about now.... Well it has everything to do with my Friday Feel Good Promotion...... I have decided to get back to what has driven me to make this my profession & embrace WHY I DO WHAT I DO! I started this journey to help as many people as I could to have beautiful artwork of their babies. Along the way of course I have grown as an artist..... my business has grown & I have developed a skill that has required a lot of time & money..... I have created an experience & developed a style that is very unique to me. One of the hardest parts of being an artist is knowing your worth & believing you are worth your time..... this sometimes makes seem like you are out of people budgets no matter how much you want to be affordable to everyone.

Friday Feel Good Promotion.....

This will now be the same over EVERY MONTH......From now on, the first Friday of the month I will release 3 Special Priced NEWBORN SESSIONS. At a HUGE saving of just $440 you can have your Newborn Studio Session along with 5 Gift Prints PLUS 7 Digital Negative Files. My hope is that people who receive this, it will help them to have something they feel is out of their reach.

Be sure to be on the Facebook Page on the first Fridays of every month when the offer will go live.... there will be 3 VOUCHERS..... only the person who will use it can claim it & they must be able to attend their session for the month claimed with their newborn aged under 8 weeks of age.  

lets work together to help those who need a bit of a boost! 


Share the love, lets make a difference to someones life..... this is my hope & my way to make just a little positive change in the world

Shan xx

Fifth Season Photography