Fletcher 4 Month Mini

A magnificent morning in the Madora Bay Studio!!

How I adore 4 month olds!! This time is just magic.... their little personality is shining through.... they smile & pull the best faces. It never ceases to amaze me that in a 5 second time frame I can capture so many different expressions and emotions.

But you know what the best part is about photographing 4 months olds...... they can't escape from me!!! I get all the wonderful interaction and they have no choice but to lay where I put them lol

During a mini session for this age we don't use any props, they are way to strong & unpredictable with their waving arms & leg thrusts. My first priority for any of my beautiful babies is their safety first and foremost..... this doesn't mean we can't get a pretty good variety in our images!! As you can see here with Fletcher we had a great time changing colours and moving from the studio into the studio bedroom. 

I think its pretty safe to assume that I LOVE CROCHET...... I include something crochet into nearly all my sessions its just a little addiction that I have!! Really though when babies look this cute on it can you blame me!! Fletcher was such an adorable little man, we had so much fun for his shoot & I can't wait to see him again for his 8 month shoot!! 

If you missed Newborn Portraits with me please don't feel like you have to miss out altogether.... Fletcher mum contacted me asking if we could design a special collection so she could have beautiful memories of his first year. Feel free to CONTACT ME to work out a personalised collection that will best suits your needs.

Till next time.... fill your days with love & joy!!

Shan xx

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