Mandurah..... Perth.... West Australia & YES even Interstate..... if you want ME lets make it HAPPEN!

You guys usually see me sharing portraits of gorgeous little squishy newborns....... of course I include family pictures in my newborn sessions BUT did you know I do Family Portraits as a session all on its own too!! 


More and more I have been getting emails asking if I can do Family / Couples shoots so I thought I would get a few of my favorite moments to share with you all & explain a little bit of what a Connection Session is like with me!!

First & Foremost I do need to be VERY clear with you all...... I am not the person who will overly "pose" you....... if your happy to try & get your kids to sit perfectly still, smile and look at the camera then I would say that's cool BUT being honest with you...... that's NOT how I work. HOWEVER......... if you want natural, fun, relaxed photographs showing true connection & meaning THEN KEEP ON READING!!

Moment of truth here guys...... I am the worst mother of all for not having photographs of my family....... for years the idea of wrangling my children to behave & then trying to get the biggest kid of all { the man child }  to behave & smile really just made my tummy tie up in knots to the point where it was just put in the too hard basket. Thinking back on it now I realise it was my perception on what the "perfect family photo" was supposed to be that made me believe I just couldn't do it!! 


My light bulb moment...... Discovering Moment Design!! 

What is this moment design thing I keep talking about?? No its not a magical fairy that comes down and makes your children behave like angels..... its a technique that I use for all my sessions and really its something that now, everyday I use to live a joyful happy life!!

Moment Design is something that I truly love!! So much so that I am a Certified Photographer with the MD / Beloved Community..... I have studied, attended workshops..... received one on one mentoring with the creator & yes was even assessed on my practical knowledge by Jesh...... so please come into a session with me filled with confidence that this is not some weird & whacky idea I have just made up lol If you would like to know more please feel free to research & discover by visiting the Beloved Collective Community

Ok so the good news is your thinking about doing this very scary concept of "family photos" lets go through a few of the most common excuses I have made myself or have been told.....

# 1 ~ My kids just wont behave, I can never get good photo's of them....

Trust me with 8 children in our family ranging from 20 year old down to 3 years old..... there is pretty much not a lot your kids could do or say to me that my own kids haven't done already so lets throw that excuse out the window

#2 ~ My husband hates photos & I am just not photogenic....

I can totally understand where your husband is coming from, his idea of what having photographs taken means he thinks I am going to pose him into some stupid awkward pose & make him smile that silly fake smile for half an hour so i can get that "perfect" shot........ WELL GOOD NEWS..... like we already know now that's NOT how this will go!!

Your just not photogenic???? Says who?...... Says that little person in your head but really ask your children or your husband or your parents! To them YOU are the most beautiful person in the world!! So lets for a moment remember to see ourselves accurately, remember that in years to come all that will remain for our children, grandchildren & all the generations will be stories of who you were & lets hope you give the gift of photographs to go with them.

# 3 ~ I don't know what to wear, where to go & or when we could even fit it in the schedule

Ok again all very valid...... but guess what? Totally easy to work out!! I have been on the other end and trying to get 8 kids & 2 adults all dressed nicely, to a location on time & then just finding the time to set aside, it was a struggle.... I get it.... truly I do!! BUT thankfully you have me to help you out a bit, to take some of that stress away and give you guidance on how to make this a really fun time for your family. 



Thank you for reading this far down..... hopefully this means that I just may have started chipping away at that wall & maybe just maybe some beautiful golden rays of sunlight are starting to shine down on your future session with me!! 

A few things about my shooting schedule..... I set aside late afternoon on SATURDAYS for family sessions. This allows me to have beautiful light to work with, the great outdoors to relax & enjoy and then Sunday is my families day to spend together. If you need a different day that is something we can work out but please be aware it will not ever be on a Sunday, my family adventures mean the world to me.


Maybe you don't have kids..... maybe you do but you want to ditch them at home for a few hours to relax & really reconnect to renew your love.....

Newly engaged, celebrating a milestone / anniversary....... maybe your expecting a baby & want to do something special before the little new joy arrives!! Maybe you just got a new fur baby!! The possibilities for why you might like to have a couples connection session really are endless but any reason is equally as important as the next. 

Every chance I get to go on a fun filled adventure with a couple who want to explore & discover the beauty of who they are and their love for one another..... well that is just an awesome day for me!

Every family session has some time set aside for a little bit of couple connection time, this is something that I feel is very important... to take a little time to be not mum & dad but two people in love..... it really is a gift for your children to see. For couples who book for a FULL CONNECTION SESSION it is much more in depth & we have the time to really embrace a wonderful journey of discovery. 


As they say..... there is no time like the present!! Lets make "TODAY THE DAY"...... get down off that fence and jump on over to the lighter side of life. Lets have some FUN together, lets make memories & gorgeous art for your home!!!

Drop me a line via email { }  so I can give you the access code to the investment section of the website OR even better lets arrange a time to meet up, chat & work out plan to get this show on the road!!

Thanks for your time today & I look forward to meeting you soon

Shan xx