A little while ago I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous little man!! When Easton's mum contacted me asking if I could do a newborn shoot with an older baby my answer was of course going to be yes..... Offering newborn sessions up to 8 weeks of age is something that I love to be able to offer to my clients

fifth season photography

Of course when babies are a bit older its never guaranteed that we will be able to get the really posed & curly baby images BUT what I do promise is I will do my best to get some gorgeous portraits. While they have different challenges to very young newborns they are just as amazing & rewarding to work with.... plus who doesn't love a smiling inquisitive baby watching everything they are doing!

Fifth Season Photography

During my sessions I always encourage mums to get in front of my camera.... this time was no different & we had so much fun creating some beautiful memories!! I just adore Moment Design & how it helps me create connected, interactive portraits. Plus who doesn't love jumping on the bed snuggling their kids!!

Fifth Season Photography

Oh Easton!! Grey is defiantly his colour..... mum helped me to create this little set up. So a little secret..... this is my go to prop set up for all my sessions. I know that using one of my crates or baskets and posing baby like this will 99% of the time be a success for using a prop with baby. When working with Newborns & Children its all about the safe shots lol Parents will hear me say to Amelia during our sessions saying "lets get the safe shots then get creative if baby is calm & happy" This system allows me to ensure every client will have beautiful images in there gallery

Fifth Season Photography

Sometimes...... just sometimes ever older newborns get worn out from being amazing little models! This is when I get to work being super patient & precise with all my movements, the older babies get the more aware they are that I am being annoying and touching them! I just love this gallery for Easton & I love that even though typically he was "past the ideal age"  I was able to create these moments.

Please if you have an older newborn still under 8 weeks of age CONTACT ME, don't think you have to miss out.... I would love to get you into the studio!!

Shan xx

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