My dream to share, create & celebrate our Human Joy

I have been inspired.....

Last year I entered the WA AIPP State Awards as an emerging member, it was a challenge for me to see just how well I could do..... I was learning & growing.... it was really important to me to push myself to that level. It was such a thrill for me when all my images scored high professional standard with 1 image just 1 point away from achieving a Silver Award! 

This left me thinking... wondering what can I do? A few of my images didn't receive any comments to learn from so I asked the wonderful Kelly Brown for her thoughts & advice which she very kindly gave me honest feedback along with some wise words to consider for entering in the 2017 State Awards.

All this time I have been thinking..... how can I be different but still be true to myself?

How can I make a WOW piece that has meaning & brings me joy to create?

Then like most brilliant ideas it came to me when I least expected it! The other day I was reading a book to my girls, it was a lovely story called "Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes" by Mem Fox. Such a simple story and yet so profound the more I thought about it..... I am blessed in my job to be able to photograph so many baby fingers & toes! Babies from different homes, who will be raised with different beliefs & cultures BUT at the core of all our beings....


Yes we are different....

Thats what makes the country we live in so amazing. We all have something to give, something to teach.... something to learn...... the common bond we all have is we are all human.... we all feel love, joy, happiness & compassion..... we all need affection & connection. 

This leads me to my vision of creating Artwork to highlight not only our uniqueness through culture & heritage BUT our commonality in being humans & feeling LOVE..... and what better way than by photographing gorgeous little babies! 

I am calling out to families who have a newborn or will be expecting a newborn before the end of May 2017 who would like to take part in this project. It will require for 1 or both parents to have been born outside of Australia, who would like to create culture inspired artwork of their baby. I am also looking for an Indigenous Australian Baby to complete the celebration of our diversity.


You have to give to receive

Well thats what I believe..... I am very proud to say my little business proudly sponsors "Its All For Kids" plus the WA Street Smart Booklet . It brings me joy to know that I just might be making a difference to someones life by having these resources available to them. So with this desire to help my community I am also driven to make even more of a difference..... can we make a difference??


If I am going to be making all these awards images & I want to make a difference why not combine the two!! What I would LOVE is to create a 2018 Calendar..... to be able to fundraise for a worthy cause!!

This is a HUGE project, 

I can't do it without YOU!!

Please get in touch with me if you would like to be a part of the team, of course anything like this requires money to be spent for its creation so I am looking for any local businesses who would be interested in "Sponsoring A Month" in exchange for advertising. This will enable the calendars to be made & distributed while minimising the impact on the amount able to be donated to a charity. So who is with me? Who wants to help.....

Lets make a difference, create something beautiful...... discover, explore & share the joy!! 


Email me: for further information on Sponsoring opportunities or to find out more about having your baby model for me! 

Shan x

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