Brand New WELCOME PACKS.....

Exciting things to come for 2017!!!

Ok..... I have held this in for long enough...... I just can't not tell you about this anymore!! I am so shocking at keeping secrets or holding onto presents till the right day..... I just can't contain myself any longer so I am going to let you all know about something pretty exciting I have been working on for a little while.



I don't know about you guys but my best ideas come to me in the shower!! I think maybe because in all honesty its the only place where sometimes I get 5 mins to myself without someone yelling out my name or wanting something from me! { all the mums reading this get what I mean } 

So the other month in my "think tank" I was reminiscing about when my babies were born & thinking how grateful I was that the hospital gave me those classic bounty bags, without those bags I would not have had the vouchers to pixie photos, these are the only baby pictures I have of them..... but then I thought about all the other stuff they put in there, really lets be honest most of it is well.... not much use really! So I had a thought.... WHAT IF......... what if I could make up a little goodie bag to give to my beautiful mum's to be who book a Newborn Session with me..... filled with things in there that were actually pretty cool, useful & supporting other local business!!



When I have these ideas now; I know I need to ask for help.... so my first step was to reach out to Jo from Joanne Tapodi Creative not only is Jo a wonderful person & friend she is also SUPER AMAZING at her job!! Her work on the new website was beyond my wildest dreams so I knew I could trust her to create my BRAND NEW WELCOME GUIDE!! 

The goodie bag had one very important item inside.... my brain started ticking again thinking of all the things that always forgot to take when I went to hospital to have my babies, ideas on what I could put inside to make a truely useful Welcome Pack! Along the way I have had some wonderful businesses contact me offering products they would like to add in for me to gift to my mums! Including the lovely Emma from La Sorealla Candles in Perth



Being a small business owner myself I ALWAYS try my best to support others, its such a wonderful feeling knowing that when I purchase something from them my money is going towards helping them have a business they LOVE! So I am reaching out to any small businesses who think this is a pretty awesome idea, who think they might have something they could offer that would just make a new mum to be's day to receive in my Welcome Pack. 

It could be something for baby or something for mum..... something you wished you had of taken to hospital with you or something you KNOW is just so awesome the more people know about it the better their life will be!!

Maybe its a sample of a product or a voucher to a service.... Really the only limit on this is our imagination so CONTACT ME TODAY if you want to be a part of putting smiles on peoples faces!!

Fifth Season Photography Newborn Baby Family Mandurah Perth Western Australia

Big thank you to everyone who has made this little idea of mine turn into a reality! I really can't wait to see them introduced in 2017.... MUMS TO BE...... if you NEED to get your hands on one of these packs then all you have to do is BOOK a Newborn Session with me in the new year!!

Drop me an email to arrange your coffee catch up!

I am so looking forward to the new year!

New babies, New families & most importantly

New friendships!! 

Much love to you all....... Shan xx



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