Baby Nate

Newborn & Family Session...... August 2016 Mandurah WA

Working with these amazing little people is something that I just treasure!! No matter how many babies I meet they never cease to amaze me...... Baby Nate was so relaxed for his session & his big sisters were pretty cute too :) 


It feels like forever now since I rolled up my big backdrop where I used to do my "posed" family portraits....... I can't imaging ever doing them this way again! I love my studio bedroom, the relaxed vibe is instant. In this space I can connect with my families, we play games & have fun all the while I am capturing beautiful natural moments as they unfold. Being a Moment Design photographer really allows the freedom to explore & discover so many beautiful moments just waiting to be!

Next step is into the studio where we get ready to make a mess!! There is no other way to describe the chaos of creating personalised creations in my studio...... I always ask parents to help me choose colours, textures & props to create their very own artwork. 

Working on the beanbag its a gradual slow & patient process to create some natural, raw & earthy images.....

After achieving this set of images Nate decided it was feed time feed time, so thats our cue to set up for the next round..... { and maybe tidy up a little bit }

Towards the end of his session Nate decided that sleep was a bit overrated..... but it was so nice to see his beautiful eyes!! I love the newborn cross eyed looks..... I always get a giggle from them :) 

With these we were done! Lots of adorable facial expressions captured to remember just how small & adorable this little man was...... Thank you to Nate's parents for coming to me for this precious time in their lives!!  It was a privilege to spend this time with you all & I look forward to creating more memories for you

Shan xx

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