Baby Fynn

When I started my photography journey I never believed I had it in me to be any good at lifestyle / documentary type sessions. It was something I admired that others could do but I told myself no your a "posed photographer... you can't do that" 

Then I found Moment Design & my whole life changed.....


This session was a bit of a turning point for my confidence, when I looked over what I could actually achieve I realised its ok to be afraid.... its okay to explore & have fun!! Its ok to push through those barriers you put around yourself because when you do.... something beautiful just might happen!!! 

That something beautiful was being able to give this amazing family beautiful memories capturing their love & connection in a really fun, natural way! I can't believe how fast time has just flown by..... how behind I am on my blogging!! Having Fynn back in the studio already for his mini session has made me aware I need to catch up on sharing all my amazing families with you all.


What I love most about how my style has evolved over that last year is not only have I embraced Moment Design to create beautiful moments of connection for my families, I have found a way to still pose these precious little babies in my studio! My clients get the best of both worlds & I just have so much fun at the same time.


This little man was such a dream to pose, he was content & just look at how CUTE he is!!

Posing on the beanbag like this takes a little bit of practice & patience..... but when you find your groove its just amazing


Want your moments with meaning captured?

Lets document this time with your new baby!


I would LOVE to hang out with you.... lets relax & enjoy this wonderful time with your new baby!

Shan Xx

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