Newborn Session, Mandurah WA



To me YES, I will & am happy to attempt a newborn session with babies up to 8 weeks of age. I mean think about it.... it wasn't so many generations ago that the idea of leaving the house during your babies first 6 weeks of life was just not something you did. When I had my first baby nearly 20 years ago I was not game enough to leave the house for the first few weeks!

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Of course as a newborn photographer I will be honest with you and say that the ability for me to achieve the really curled up poses will be much easier to acheive from between birth to around 10 days of age.... after this time baby has gotten used to being able to stretch out and is more sensitive to every touch & movement I might try to make. However beautiful images are still possible!! Sometime life just flies by or sometimes complications occur that you were not planning for..... thats life & it certainly shouldn't mean that you just throw in the towel and resign to not being able to have newborn portraits because baby is now "past the ideal time"

When Archers mum contacted me I was more than happy to try my best to work with her older newborn to give her beautiful images to remember this special time..... We had so much fun and really Archer was a pleasure to work with.... it was nice to get a few real smiles every now and then!

For the first part of the session little mister was watching my every move... when they are older like this I always find myself wishing I could read their minds.... their eyes convey so much intrigue. As you can see when working with boys it is common for me to have to be knowledgeable in all things spiderman.... thank fully my boys all had web slingers so I knew what I was talking about when big brother started slinging imaginary web at me!!

Using my handy dandy Moment Design technique I am able to capture the most wonderful, fun and honest family portraits for my clients..... I spent so long wanting to know how to do this, the universe gifted me with this blessing & I am so honoured to share it with all my beautiful clients.

Oh my gosh!! Facial Expression galore from this little man!! Who says you need a sleepy baby..... I LOVE awake babies. Ok so we can't work with props but I mean with all the adorable looks I was getting WHO NEEDS THEM!!

Most of the time though all that cuteness is just plain tiring.... this is when I use my super ninja baby whispering skills!! We slowly.... oh ever so slowly move little hands & fingers into place, we cross our fingers and take as many safe shots as possible before gently moving little fingers & toes ever so slightly! Like I said with these older babes EVERY touch they feel it, they know your being annoying so I have to be quick, precise but patient..... as you can see it CAN BE DONE. Special moments ARE possible...... so there you go.... Do you have an older baby that you thought you have missed your chance for photos? 


I truely LOVE working with all babies

8 days or 8 weeks its still newborn snuggles for me

Lets get together & work out how I can help you get some beautiful artwork of your precious baby into your home, can't wait to meet you!!

Shan xx