An afternoon with Hope!!

While I was teaching my workshop in QLD for The Business of Finding Joy & Creative Connections I was so lucky to be able to meet this gorgeous little family!! They are waiting for the arrival of their little man in a few short weeks & agreed to model for me so I could show just how easy a Maternity Connection Session could really be....

The location was just gorgeous and as the sun started setting the light was every photographers dream!! Especially those who love a little sun flare action lol BUT most importantly we had FUN.... The thing that confuses most people when they have a session with me is how different it actually IS to what they think its going to be like.... in this case its a good thing { I think lol } 


What I love the most about this session is the truthful moments of connection that we were able to create in really a short amount of time..... now remember this couple were being photographed by not only myself..... they also had 3 other photographers watching me & them while snapping away! Daunting thought right?? However when you do Moment Design right anything is possible & gorgeous moments of connection come when you create a space for people to shut out the world & just embrace the moment like no one else exists. 

So a huge thank you to Hope, Josh & Ava for being AMAZING! They put their trust in me to create something beautiful for them while teaching other wonderful photographers. It was an honour to be surrounded with such laughter& joy!

If your interested in learning from me or even hosting a workshop please CONTACT ME TODAY, I would love to share what I love with you!!

Maybe you want to experience your very own connection session?? Come with me on a journey, lets make art together!! Lets experience the beauty in TRUTH….. the essence of LOVE & the intoxication of WONDER!