A morning spent in the studio with a gorgeous family....

Madora Bay, Western Australia.... 2016

No matter how many times I do newborn sessions I am always amazed by each and every little person I get to cuddle, Miss Abbigale was just too cute.... not to mention her big sister who is totally gorgeous!! 

How lucky are these parents to have 2 little girls to love!! 

When ever I know Sibling images are on the cards for a session we start with these portraits in mind.... its something that I have found to work best before we move into the studio bedroom for the fun family time!! 

I love being a Moment Designer..... My job is just so full of joy & to be able to share this with others..... wow what an awesome thing!! 

Moving back into the studio after our family portraits.... its time for me to really embrace the calm. Starting on the beanbag I just LOVE the images I get here.... yes it takes a lot of patience, attention to detail and lets face it sometimes a bit of luck!! Not every baby likes to be laying on their back like this but as you can see little Abbigale was very content

Moving on from this pose I then roll baby to the side.... also changing the colours most of the time to get more variety. Posing on the bean bag is something I really enjoy..... its like my happy place & I just can't help but smile the whole time!! Really who wouldn't smile when you get to capture images like this.....

Of course no newborn session is complete without a Baby Art!! Sometimes the set up we start with just isn't going to work..... thats ok!! These things don't worry me in the slightest, we just simply create something new, when I first started doing this I would have sever mental blanks for creating beautiful prop sets, now it has become second nature to me... plus with the help of my parents to guide me it doesn't take long and we have something to keep moving forward.

With this we were done..... another session over in the blink of an eye!! Well it felt like it for me anyway ~ time flies when your having fun!! A huge thank you to this wonderful family it was an honour to capture this time for you!!

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Shan xx