Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

Hello beautiful human!

Hey there, I’m Shan

Most days you can find me hanging out with amazing families & snuggling newborns

I am mostly known for creating moments of JOY!

People often refer to me as a Baby Whisperer & having too much patience for my own good.

I love seeing the world by taking my blindfold off….. Engaging my explorer mind & always discovering the infinite possibilities.

The things I am most passionate about in life are:


Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

I work with, inspire, mentor & create art for amazing humans who:

Yearn for Authentic Family Bonding

Wish to have Windows of Joy in their lives

Desire to have Inspired Artwork

Totally into being themselves, being heard & being welcomed into a tribe of like minded souls.

Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

When I’m not busy working on you can catch me:

Doing Sun Salutation Yoga first thing in the morning

Homeschooling my three gorgeous girls

Going on our Jenkins Family Adventures! We love to travel & show the girls the world…. Thailand is still the top place for our girls from all our trips

Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me….

I have given birth to 6 AMAZING humans

I have lived in 4 states of Australia in my life…. Still plenty of time to add to it!

I LOVE mexican food! When I travel to QLD I always visit a Montezumas to get my Queso Fundito fix

I enjoy a fine wine…working at a 5 star restaurant had to leave some lasting effect on me.

I have been a lot of labels in my life including: teen mum, single mum, lower socio economic, married, divorced, remarried, step mother….. Just to name a few & its with all these experiences I bring a unique understaning to ALL the families I work with

Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

Still here?

Are you picking up what I am putting down? Heck if you understand that saying then chances are then the answer is YES!

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Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

Just incase it matters to you….

I have been featured in:

Salted Magazine & Offspring Magazine

Attend Perth Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo

Accredited Photographer with the AIPP

WA AIPP Epson State Award Silver Award Winner - Newborn Category

Certified Moment Design Teacher - ambassador for Superfeel for Photographers

Thank you. Ambassador

Emerging Dynamo Doula

All these things are pretty AWESOME and the result of 5 years handwork, drive & dedication…. what does it mean for you?

Well I hope that is shows my desire to being the best human I can be & kick arse artist for you!

That my work & beliefs are noticed & celebrated

You can rest knowing you are working with a PROFESSIONAL who loves the shit out of what they do & how they do it!