Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

Hello beautiful human!

Hey there, I’m Shan

Most days you can find me hanging out with amazing families & snuggling newborns

I am mostly known for creating moments of JOY!

I love seeing the world by remembering to kick my mind into explorer mode & always discovering the infinite possibilities.

The things I am most passionate about in life are:


Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

I work with, inspire, mentor & create art for amazing humans who:

Yearn for Authentic Family Bonding

Wish to have Windows of Joy in their lives

Desire to have Inspired Artwork

Totally into being themselves, being heard & being welcomed into a tribe of like minded souls.

Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

When I’m not busy working on Joy Art you can catch me:

Homeschooling my three gorgeous girls

Going on our Jenkins Family Adventures! We love to travel & show the girls the amazingness around them…. from climbing mountains, drinking icy cold wild river water to eating cuisine from all over the world….. we believe life is definitely best spent adventuring!

Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me….

I have given birth to 6 AMAZING humans

I have lived in 4 states of Australia in my life…. Still plenty of time to add to it!

I LOVE Mexican food!

I enjoy a fine wine & chocolate.

I have been a lot of labels in my life including: teen mum, single mum, lower socio economic, married, divorced, remarried, step mother….. Just to name a few & its with all these experiences I bring a unique understaning to ALL the families I work with

Fifth Season - Your Joy Art

Just incase it matters to you….

I have been featured in:

Salted Magazine & Offspring Magazine

Attend Perth Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo

Accredited Photographer with the AIPP

WA AIPP Epson State Award Silver Award Winner - Newborn Category

Certified Moment Design Teacher - ambassador for Superfeel for Photographers

Thank you. Ambassador

Emerging Dynamo Doula

All these things are pretty AWESOME and the result of 5 years handwork, drive & dedication…. what does it mean for you?

Well I hope that is shows my desire to being the best human I can be & kick arse artist for you!

That my work & beliefs are noticed & celebrated

You can rest knowing you are working with a PROFESSIONAL who loves the shit out of what they do & how they do it!