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Authentic Moments


Family Bonding



“ I visited Shannon with my 8 week old and my 2 year old, she was incredibly friendly and so very patient with both babes. She worked meticulously to achieve the perfect shot, both with props and pose. My littlest love was in safe hands during each pose with Shannon's assistant, Amelia, sitting close by. Thank you so much ladies for the beautiful experience.”

- Jes L



My name is Shannon & I am a Joy Artist based in Madora Bay , Western Australia. I specialise in creating authentic moments of Family Bonding for Inspired Artworks. My style can be described as fun, authentic & colourful…..


“ Flawless! Shannon took pictures of my last baby girl and she nailed it, every photo she took I wanted to bring home. She captured those moments so perfectly and as this baby was my last this opportunity was absolutely priceless. To watch her work and the way she handles your baby in creating the poses there is no doubt that your newborn is in the safest hands ever. Thank you! ”

- Terina T


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